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January 01, 2010

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Welcome , Akwaaba ..

Divine Announcement Money Lending Services Limited formerly known as DOSONEC Corporative Credit Union from 2007 to 2012, is an indigenous private limited liability company incorporated to provide affordable credit and financial solutions to both individuals and corporate institutions.

The company is located at Old Amakom (Asafo Nyamekye Street) in Kumasi. Our office premises are easily accessible, safe and secured for transacting business. The company believes in long term relationship with its clients based on quality services and has therefore invested in trained and motivated professional staff ready to deliver high quality services to our cherished clients.

Company's Vision
To become a preferred lending institution known for innovative financial services that respond to the short term financial needs of individuals and small and medium enterprises.
Mission Statement
Our Mission is to empower micro and small scale businesses with the needed credit to ensure their growth and sustenance.
Core Values
The Divine Announcement team is quality and results driven and works with a set of shared values that underpins its mission to deliver the company's vision.

  • Excellence
  • Transparency
  • Integrity

Our Business Ethics
To us true corporate responsibility lies in the commitment to demonstrate courtesy, respect, honesty and fairness in all interactions with clients, employees and the wider community.

Money Transfer

You will need our safe, secured and on-time delivery Money Transfer Services if you are thinking of transferring money locally orinternationally. Our exchange and transaction rates are all on the low. We have also acquired the approval of the Central Bank of Ghana to transfer money both locally and internationally.
Your Reasons For Choosing Our Money Transfer Service

  • Quick and Easy Service: Your transfer reaches its destination on the go. It is easy to access this service because we have branches and agents all over the country
  • Safe & Secured: The service is electronically carried out thereby reducing the risk of robbery
  • Easily Available: This service is not limited to bank account or credit card holders only, but everyone who wants to transfer money.

How Do I Send Money?
Visit any of our branches and complete a very simple form that only requires personal information such as your name, phone number and a few others. We accept payments through cash, banker's draft and postal order.
How Do I Receive Money?
You can receive the money sent to you through our branches (see our branches here) and also through transacting business with us as well.
We also have this unique service called "Door to Door" where by we can deliver the sent money to your home door step if requested by the sender.
International Money Transfer
Our International Money Transfer service is operated through the following:

  • Western Union
  • Vigo
  • Money Gram